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New application notes now available for environmental extraction system

The superior throughput and stability of the Milestone ETHOS X extraction system has been underlined by the publication of a...

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Detection of potentially toxic flame retardants by pyrolysis

The CDS-6000 pyrolyser from Analytix enables the easy analysis of potentially harmful flame retardants in a range of materials. Polybromodiphenyl...

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NEW GC injection system for Pyrolysis, Thermal Desorption, and Headspace

CDS has launched a 6th generation of analytical pyrolysers with many unique features not currently available. They can be installed...

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Thermal Desorption: new CDS 7500s autosampler from Analytix

The all-new CDS-7500s Thermal Desorption autosampler provides a robust solution for the challenge of transferring Volatile and Semi-Volatile samples for...

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Analytix launches new PYRO advanced muffle furnace

The all-new Milestone PYRO from Analytix is the most versatile and advanced muffle furnace yet and dramatically reduces ashing times...

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Flexible and accurate thermal sampling and analytical pyrolysis

There are many substances presented to the analyst that are not easily analysed using conventional separation techniques such as GC...

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Mercury Analysis: How direct Mercury Analysers can help the Petrochemical Industry

The accumulation of mercury throughout the petrochemical refinery process continues to cause severe operational difficulties for refineries. Mercury concentrations vary...

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Agilent 490 Micro GC: for instant gas analysis in the field

Designed to provide maximum flexibility and ease-of use, the Agilent 490 Micro gas chromatograph offers fast and precise analysis anywhere....

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Analytix adds FAME preparation capability to microwave instrument

Analytix has added Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) preparation capability to its Ethos range of microwave instruments by developing an...

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Mercury Analysis in Water and Wastewater Samples by Fluorescence Mercury Analyser (FMA-80)

Mercury naturally exists in the environment due to natural, human and industrial activities and processes. Once released, mercury circulates between...

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