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Speed up your microwave digestion with the new Milestone ultraWAVE 3

A new launch for 2023 from Analytix is the latest innovation in microwave digestion, the Milestone ultraWAVE 3 that has...

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New instrumentation for organic synthesis

Analytix has launched two new instruments for organic synthesis, one specifically for oligonucleotide synthesis – wavePREP, and the second a...

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New automated single shot mercury analyser

The NEW Milestone DMA-1 evo Direct Mercury Analyser from Analytix overcomes common sampling and calibration problems. The calibration can last...

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Speed up mercury analysis in your laboratory

Mercury analysis can be a cumbersome process with multiple sample preparation steps required. Furthermore, instrumentation can require extensive and frequent...

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NEW Microwave digestion system from Milestone – ultraWAVE3

Launching in 2023 is the latest innovation in microwave digestion, the UltraWAVE3 with Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology where 40...

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Microplastics and those pesky teabags

In the UK, over 60 billion cups of tea are made annually using teabags (around 6000 of these in the...

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Elemental analysis in the food industry

Demand for trace metals analysis in the food industry is continually growing due to stricter food regulations. ICP has been...

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Toy testing – high throughput sample preparation

Children’s toys and jewellery products sold in the EU are legislated to meet requirements stated in CPSC, ASTM and EN...

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Measurement of mercury in soils

As more emphasis is placed on the monitoring of mercury emissions, both private and public institutions are looking at characterising...

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Total fat measurements for the food industry

The traditional extraction methods for the determination of fats in foods are well documented, especially for the dairy industry. They...

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