Microplastics and those pesky teabags

In the UK, over 60 billion cups of tea are made annually using teabags (around 6000 of these in the...

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NEW Cannabis terpene extraction system

The use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use has greatly increased the market for cannabis-related products with the main...

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NEW Centrifuge systems from LabTech

The LabTech centrifuges are comprised of 14 systems across 4 families and are one of the few centrifuge companies in...

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Webinar – Analytical pyrolysis: Opening your GC to polymer analysis

Analytix will be presenting a webinar on 3 March covering analytical pyrolysis and analysis of polymeric materials Gas chromatography has long been...

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NEW Microwave digestion system from Milestone – ETHOS LEAN

The ETHOS LEAN has been specifically designed to provide high-quality closed-vessel acid digestion for laboratories with lower throughput requirements. The compact and...

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Elemental analysis in the food industry

Demand for trace metals analysis in the food industry is continually growing due to stricter food regulations. ICP has been...

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Analytix launch new Micro GC gas analyser from Agilent Technologies

The Agilent 990 Micro gas analyser is a rugged, compact, laboratory quality gas chromatograph that is designed to provide maximum...

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