LabTech centrifuges with rotorsCentrifuges

The LabTech range of centrifuges is made up of 16 models divided into 4 families covering low to high speed, ventilated and refrigerated, small to large capacity, and bench top to floor standing. Coupled with an extensive range of rotors makes the centrifuges applicable to all application requirements including clinical and general laboratory.


  • Manufactured and tested to IEC standards
  • Steady and soft deceleration with dynamic brake technology
  • Anti-vibration and air-cooling system to minimise noise and heat dissipation
  • Eco-friendly Compressor-off function to minimise unnecessary cooling and frosting when lid is open
  • Fast cooling function to 4°C within 5 minutes for quick start of cooled samples
  • Fine control of time counting by a selection of ‘At Set Speed or From Starting’

Micro centrifuges

LabTech micro laboratory centrifugesLabTech micro centrifugeThe five micro centrifuges are small footprint bench top systems with a range of 6,500 rpm to 18,000 rpm (fixed angle) and 13,000 rpm (swing arm). Various rotors are available that provide capacities ranging from 6 x 2ml to 8 x 50ml plus PCR strips/tubes. Two of the systems offer refrigeration that cool down to 4°C in 5 minutes for fast start up and three have Bio-seal certified Easy-lock rotor (PHE Porton Down) and a separate ‘PULSE’ key for quick spin.


Multipurpose highspeed centrifuges

LabTech 1580R highspeed centrifugeThe five multipurpose large capacity centrifuges are bench top systems with a range of 12,000 rpm to 16,000 rpm (fixed angle) and 5,000 rpm (swing arm). The extensive range of interchangeable rotors provide capacities from 48 x 2ml to 4 x 1000ml and 4 microplates. Three of the systems offer refrigeration that cool down to 4°C in 5 minutes for fast start up.

Floor standing centrifuges

LabTech 2236R floor standing centrifugeThe three floor standing centrifuges offer a larger capacity with a range of 12,000 rpm to 22,000 rpm (fixed angle) and 5.000 rpm (swing arm). The refrigerated systems have a fast cooling function to 4℃ in 5 minutes for almost immediate startup of cooled samples and a compressor-off function that minimises unnecessary cooling and frosting when the lid is open. A range of rotors provide capacity up to 6 x 1000ml and 16 microplates. The systems are equipped with casters enabling easy movement where access might be required.

Clinical centrifuges

LabTech 406 clinical centrifugeThe three low speed centrifuges have a range of 4,000 rpm to 6,000 rpm (fixed angle) and 4.000 rpm to 4,800 rpm (swing arm) ideal for routine low-speed centrifugation commonly used in clinical applications such as the fractionation of blood samples and simple precipitation of biological samples. A range of rotors provide capacity from 24 x 2ml to 4 x 100ml and 4 microplates.


LabTech centrifuge rotorsAn extensive selection of autoclavable and corrosion-free rotors is available across the complete range of centrifuges with capacities from 1.5ml to 1,000ml and up to 16 microplates. Coupled with these are accessories including bucket holders for both conical flasks and flat bottom tubes and sleeves.


Safety and robustness

  • Sturdy construction, two to three layered lid for noise reduction and safe operation
  • Lid drop protection for ease and safety when loading or unloading sample
  • Emergency lid-lock release in case of mains power loss or sudden stoppage
  • Key lock function to prevent unintentional parameter modification during operation
  • Automatic rotor detection and warning for excess speed and over-heating
  • Autoclavable and corrosion-free rotors
  • Imbalance detection and warning with count of imbalance error

Convenience in operation

  • Windows CE based 7″ LCD Touch Screen and simultaneous display of all parameters
  • Intuitive control interface with numeric input buttons displaying graphic pictograms for setting and editing of running conditions
  • Reversible parameters during operation
  • Program memory
  • Time control functions of pulse for quick spin
  • Automatic RPM/RCF conversion
  • “Easy-Lock” lid allowing easy and convenient lid opening and closure (Micro rotors)
  • Automatic lid release and end alarm at completion
  • Easy observation of actual rotation through the viewing window on the lid

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