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Mercury analysis: detecting mercury in the environment

The presence of Mercury represents one of the biggest challenges to the health and safety of our natural environment. It...

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Recruitment – technical sales

Analytix is looking for an energetic self-motivated salesperson to join the team and sell the complete portfolio that we offer....

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Books for the laboratory chemist

Analytix releases four books for the laboratory chemist THINK BLANK – Clean chemistry tools for atomic spectroscopy Instrumental analysis has...

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Stable analysis of volatile samples with Thermal Desorption autosampler

The CDS-7500s Thermal Desorption autosampler provides an answer to the challenge of transferring volatile samples for gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS)...

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NEW BOOK – Are you ready for new USP 232, 233, 2232, and ICH Q3D?

A new book titled “GETTING READY FOR USP 232, 233 AND 2232 – Microwave-Assisted Sample Preparation and Determination of Elemental...

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NEW GC injection system for Pyrolysis, Thermal Desorption, and Headspace

CDS has launched a 6th generation of analytical pyrolysers with many unique features not currently available. They can be installed...

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NEW Microwave extraction system for environmental sample extraction and total fat determination

The new ETHOS X microwave extraction systems from Milestone can simultaneously process multiple samples in a matter of minutes. For...

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NEW Microwave ashing system – speed up your ashing process

The new PYRO microwave ashing system from Analytix is the most versatile and advanced muffle furnace currently available and dramatically reduces...

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NEW Thermal desorption autosampler

The new CDS-7500s Thermal Desorption autosampler from Analytix provides a robust solution for the challenge of transferring Volatile and Semi-Volatile...

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