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23 Apr

Webinar: A dedicated gas analyser that can be used in the lab, on-line, or in the field.

The Agilent 990 Micro GC provides combines innovative features with the quality and speed that are critical to gas analysis....

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Mercury analysis of environmental samples

As increasing emphasis is being placed on the monitoring of mercury emissions, both private and public institutions are looking at...

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Microwave enhanced ashing of food samples – application report

The ashing test on food samples is commonly used for evaluation of mineral content because this content plays an important...

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21 Mar

Webinar – Xelsius: A flexible platform for reaction optimisation

Xelsius is a compact and fast reactor with ten completely individually heated and cooled reaction cells with stirring and an...

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Upcoming Webinars in 2024

Analytix are pleased to invite you to join our upcoming webinars, which are all free to attend. We will be...

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27 Feb

Webinar: Automate your workflow and improve analytical blanks 27th February 2024

Join our team at Analytix to discover how our clean chemistry technologies for reagent purity, reagent addition, vessel handling, dilution,...

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Environmental sample extraction – improve quality and throughput

Prior to analysis, the extraction of environmental samples such as soils requires solvent extraction. Contaminants such as PCBs, semivolatile organic...

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New instrumentation for organic synthesis

Analytix has launched two new instruments for organic synthesis, one specifically for oligonucleotide synthesis – wavePREP, and the second a...

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New automated single shot mercury analyser

The NEW Milestone DMA-1 evo Direct Mercury Analyser from Analytix overcomes common sampling and calibration problems. The calibration can last...

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NEW Microwave digestion system from Milestone – ultraWAVE3

Launching in 2023 is the latest innovation in microwave digestion, the UltraWAVE3 with Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology where 40...

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