Milestone Microwave Sample Preparation Products

Milestone is a leading manufacturer of microwave systems. The breadth of their microwave technology has expanded to include a broad range of techniques, including microwave accelerated digestion, extraction, ashing, evaporation, and organic synthesis, as well as instrumentation for clean chemistry. Many of the systems can be used for different applications depending on the choice of accessory or rotor. Changes to current USP 232 and 232 methods include the use of microwave digestion for sample preparation.

Microwave Chemistry

Microwave chemistry bookMilestone have released a book -Microwave Chemistry that describes the state-of-the-art of microwave (MW) technology and its applications in chemistry. The book covers all aspects of microwave sample preparation including  theory, synthesis, digestion, ashing, extractions, uses in medicinal chemistry and omics, environmental remediation, and flow chemistry.