NEW GC injection system for Pyrolysis, Thermal Desorption, and Headspace

Pyroprobe 6000 front cropCDS has launched a 6th generation of analytical pyrolysers with many unique features not currently available. They can be installed quickly onto any GC/GCMS with control either by the built-in touch screen or PC software that is pre-programmed with a library of pyrolysis and thermal desorption methods.

The systems can be configured for standard and slow rate pyrolysis, reactant gas pyrolysis (O2, H2, or gas of any choice), EGA studies, high pressure pyrolysis with reactant gas and elevated pressure through to steam pyrolysis. Dynamic headspace studies are possible using the test tube desorber and vessels up to 800ml for large sample amounts. There are also options to desorb TD tubes for VOC in air analysis or interface directly to FTIR.

CDS pyrolysers employ resistively heated filaments ensuring there are no secondary pyrolysis fragments and enable 10 step temperature analysis to 1400°C, slow heating studies, and pyrotomy. A single shot autoinjector, drop in sample chamber (DISC), enhances ease of use. A leak check function and extensive diagnostic capabilities aid in trouble shooting down to component level and future built-in bluetooth will enable remote instrument monitoring.

Characterisation of polymers is enhanced by the CDS Polymer Library whilst the Additive Library contains 500+ compounds, many of which are not included in NIST or Wiley. The extended capabilities of the pyrolysers makes them much more than a polymer GC introduction system and can be considered as a thermal injection system for all matrices.

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