Mercury Analysis in Water and Wastewater Samples by Fluorescence Mercury Analyser (FMA-80)

Mercury naturally exists in the environment due to natural, human and industrial activities and processes. Once released, mercury circulates between the entire environment and living organisms and therefore continues to be a growing environmental problem.

Accurate and sensitive determination of mercury in environmental samples, especially in water and wastewater samples is extremely important when it comes to control and reduce mercury emission.

The FMA-80 Fluorescence Mercury Analyser from Milestone, distributed in the UK by Analytix, measures mercury in water, wastewater and sample digests with an extremely wide working range between 0.2 and 250 ppb and a detection limit down to 0.02 ppt.

The auto-sampler can be configured to offer 36 or 89 sample positions and automatically inserts blank wash cycles and reduces the sampling size if the signal is out of range. A high precision peristaltic pump is used for all reagents and it is automatically calibrated daily which allows one calibration curve to be accurate for an extended period of time.

The FMA-80 is fully compliant to EPA 245.1, EPA 245.2, EPA 245.5, EPA 245.7, EPA 1631, EN 1483, EN 12338, EN 13806 and ISO 17852.

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