Stable analysis of volatile samples with Thermal Desorption autosampler

The CDS-7500s Thermal Desorption autosampler provides an answer to the challenge of transferring volatile samples for gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) analysis.

The CDS-7500s autosampler, launched in 2016 and available exclusively from Analytix, is perfect for applications that involve low-concentration analytes that would otherwise be impossible to detect via GC alone.

Typical applications that can make a thermal desorption autosampler an invaluable part of the lab include the detection and analysis of accelerants in suspected arson cases, or analysing the quantity of carcinogenic formaldehyde in cigarette smoke.

Other applications include environmental monitoring, food and drink aroma profiling and breath analysis for disease diagnosis.

The CDS-7500s allows the user to greatly enhance the detection limits of their GC analyser, while increasing overall lab efficiency by cutting sample prep time.

As with all CDS thermal sampling products, the quick-connect, high temperature transfer line allows users to easily interface with all makes and models of GC. The easy to use intuitive control software works in tandem with any GC system with auto-start functionality.

The CDS-7500s does not require extra gases or peltier/cryogenic cooling. Utilising pre-heated trap technology ensures improved chromatography with better handling of wet samples for a streamlined and more reliable transfer of analytes on to the column.

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