26 Apr

Seminar – Applying analytical pyrolysis to real world polymer, environmental, and biomass applications

Join us for two days of exploring the benefits that analytical pyrolysis can bring to your GC laboratory and to discover where recent research is heading with the technique. Come and listen to our extensive line up of guest speakers as they talk you through the capabilities of analytical pyrolysis, how it is applied to their fields and the benefit that it offers to their work.

Registration fee £250 includes lunch, dinner, and overnight accommodation. 


  • History and theory of pyrolysis
  • Why pyrolysis and pyrolysis techniques
  • Real World applications
  • Finding the needle in the haystack with pyrolysis
  • Characterisation of microplastics
  • Benefits of pyrolysis as a sample introduction technique

Guest speakers – talks include

  • Investigating the fate of microplastics in the environment by Py-GCxGC-TOF MS – University of Plymouth
  • Characterisation of recycled plastics using pyrolysis-GC with soft ionization and high-resolution mass spectrometry – Waters
  • Fuel and Catalytic Applications for Pyrolysis GCMS – CDS Analytical


Conference Aston, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET

26 – 27 April 2023

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