Reducing the analytical blank in atomic spectroscopy

A range of systems from Analytix for control and reduction of the analytical blank in ICP-MS, ICP-AES and GFAA. During trace and ultra-trace elemental analysis a number of external factors such as reagent purity and cross contamination can critically impact the quality of the results. The inability to control the analytical blank is often the primary source of error and the limiting factor for trace analysis. These instruments are dedicated to acid purification, ultratrace cleaning of vessels and reduction of contamination from vessel surfaces.

Acid distillation systems – make your own ultrapure acids with up to 90% cost saving

Chemical reagents used during analysis are a major source of the analytical blank. Sub-boiling distillation has been demonstrated to be the best method of acid purification and offers an optimal purification method for preparation of high purity reagents.

The Milestone subPUR and duoPUR have single and double quartz distillation units and are suitable for making commonly used ultrapure acids such as HNO3 and HCl. The vapourised acid is collected at a distillation rate up to 400 ml per hour.

For making ultrapure HF, the subCLEAN is a compact system that uses sub-boiling distillation with forced air cooling where all parts in contact with acid are made of high purity PTFE. Offering an optimal purification method for preparation of high purity reagents, the subCLEAN system is also suitable for purification of HNO3 and HCl.

All three sub-boiling distillation systems are available with an automatic filling and draining system that reduces the operator exposure to acids during filling and draining.

Acid glassware cleaning system

Cleaning various accessories used in trace analysis work is a critically important laboratory routine. Traditional cleaning methods require soaking items in hot acids, often for several hours. Furthermore large volumes of acid are consumed and need to be changed regularly and there is also the risk of exposure to hot acids and acid vapours.

The Milestone TraceCLEAN is an automated, self-contained, acid steam cleaning system that thoroughly and safely cleans digestion vessels, inserts and AA, ICP, ICP-MS accessories.

Only ultra-pure acid vapours come in contact with the surface of the items to be cleaned and clean components do not remain in contact with the cleaning acids after the surface contamination is removed. Items are cooled inside the TraceCLEAN assuring no airborne contamination and a built-in exhaust/cooling system reduces operator exposure to acid vapours

THINK BLANK – Clean chemistry tools for atomic spectroscopy – Free book download

Instrumental analysis has continuously evolved in the last decade and determination of trace elements is becoming a routine task in analytical laboratories. A laboratory must have full control of analytical blanks and sample preparation for obtaining accurate results. The application of instruments and strategies to control sample prep blank is often called a “Clean Chemistry” technique.

The THINK BLANK book from discusses how to control contaminations and modern strategies for microwave assisted sample preparation. Topics include microwave digestion, evaporation, use of inserts for low sample amounts, and single vessel considerations.


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