Flexible and accurate thermal sampling and analytical pyrolysis

There are many substances presented to the analyst that are not easily analysed using conventional separation techniques such as GC and GCMS.

These substances are usually insoluble or involatile solids (e.g. wood/paper, pharmaceutical preparations, and soil/mineral samples) or complex solids (e.g. cured adhesives, polymers, and paints).

A wide range of these problematic substances can, however, be analysed using analytical pyrolysis which is the controlled thermal degradation of the larger complex molecules into smaller, more analytically useful fragments that can be separated using conventional GC and GCMS.

Accuracy and control of temperature are critical elements of successful analytical pyrolysis and the CDS-5000 systems from Analytix offer programmable pyrolysis to 1400ºC in 1ºC increments, heating rates from 0.01ºC/min to 20,000ºC/sec, and pyrolysis time from 0.01sec to 999.99min.

The systems can provide analytical pyrolysis of solids, powders, and liquids and therefore have many applications across most industries. In addition, the systems can be used for reactant gas pyrolysis, catalytic study pyrolysis and elevated pressure pyrolysis with an autosampler option for increased productivity.

All models can be easily installed onto any commercially available GC/GCMS/FTIR with PC software control of all parameters allowing simple method development, editing and storage.

See www.analytix.co.uk/pyrolysis-systems for more information. Enquiries to Analytix on 0844 800 4220 or sales@analytix.co.uk