Nitric oxide liquid sample analysis

The Zysense NOA-280i (formerly Sievers NOA-280i) analyser coupled with the liquid purge system measures nitric oxide and its reaction products, nitrite, nitrate and nitrosothiols, in virtually any biological fluid including: cell culture media, plasma, serum, urine, cerebral-spinal fluid, bronchial-alveolar lavage, perfusates, and tissue homogenates. The PC based software provides data collection and analysis including calibration curves and subsequent sample analysis.


  • Analysis of biological fluids such as plasma, urine, BAL, cell cultures, and perfusates
  • Measurement of nitric oxide, nitrite, nitrate, and nitrosothiols
  • Minimum detection limit 1 picogram
  • Analysis time less than 1 minute
  • Sample size from a few microlitres,to millilitres
  • User friendly operation through menu based software
  • Data collection with poweful menu based PC or MAC software
  • Low cost maintenance for analyser

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