Milestone flexiWAVE high pressure synthesis

The flexiWAVE high pressure synthesis setup addresses the needs of organic chemists as it was designed with input from hundreds of users in a broad range of industries and academia. The system provides homogenous heating throughout the cavity ensuring reproducibility. Users can process single samples or up to 15 samples simultaneously for parallel synthesis. An easy to use interface provides precise reaction monitoring and control and complete documentation of the reaction profile


  • Dual magnetron system providing up to 1900 Watt of homogenous microwave power preventing localised hot and cold spots
  • Increased reproducibility of reaction through magnetic stirring in all vessels
  • Flexibility through use of any solvent even non-polar microwave transparent solvents
  • All stainless-steel construction with highest safety through unique pressure responsive door
  • Advanced user interface via compact terminal with bright, full colour, touch screen display

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