CDS pyrolyser interfacing & accessories


GC and GCMS interfacing for all CDS pyrolysis systems is achieved via a heated transfer line. If switching between pyrolysis and a liquid sampler is required, the heated transfer line can be removed in under 2 minutes. The systems use the electronic flow control of the GC system and have an in-built switching valve arrangement that automatically maintains carrier gas flow even when loading the sample. Will fit all commercially available GC and GCMS systems.

Direct FTIR

Pyrolysis FTIR accessoryThe only FTIR/pyrolysis interface commercially available provides in-beam thermal processing with the pyroprobe heating element placed directly in the FTIR beam for thermal evolution, vapourisation, and pyrolysis studies. Available for all commercially available FTIR benches using standard 25.4mm windows (2, 3, or 4mm thickness). The interface provides independent purge for optical path and sample cell with a high pressure and high temperature options also available.

Photoprobe – NEW

Pyrolyser UV degradation accessoryThe Photoprobe provides analysis of volatiles from degraded polymers due to  UV decomposition. It uses a high power xenon lamp to irradiate samples to simulate environmental degradation with the combination of temperature programming and reactant gas. The Photoprobe is used in conjunction with the Drop In Sample Chamber (DISC) and autosampler for automated analyses.

High Power Xenon Lamp

​A high power Xenon lamp provides an intense point source and high brightness. The lamp stabilises ready for use in under 1 minute and has over 1000 hours lamp life time.

Free Space Focusing

The light from the light source is focused on the sample through a series of condenser lens without using an optical fibre that dramatically improves the maximum light density.

Defined wavelength range

Xenon lamps have a wide wavelength range and wavelengths above 400nm would result in direct infrared heating of the sample and any evolved compounds would be from heating and not exposure to UV light. The Photoprobe has a series of optical filters that limit the wavelength range from 260 nm – 400 nm.

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