CDS pyrolysis interfacing


GC and GCMS interfacing for all CDS pyrolysis systems is achieved via a heated transfer line. If switching between pyrolysis and a liquid sampler is required, the heated transfer line can be removed in under 2 minutes. The systems use the electronic flow control of the GC system and have an in-built switching valve arrangement that automatically maintains carrier gas flow even when loading the sample. Will fit all commercially available GC and GCMS systems.

Direct FTIR

FT-IRThe only FTIR/pyrolysis interface commercially available provides in-beam thermal processing with the pyroprobe heating element placed directly in the FTIR beam for thermal evolution, vapourisation, and pyrolysis studies. Available for all commercially available FTIR benches using standard 25.4mm windows (2, 3, or 4mm thickness). The interface provides independent purge for optical path and sample cell with a high pressure and high temperature options also available.


Direct MS Custom made direct insertion probes are available for the inlet of a mass spectrometer allowing analysis directly in the ion source.

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