Pyrolysis autosampler

Increase the throughput of your pyrolysis laboratory by using the autosampler module that can added to the CDS-6000 and CDS-6150 pyroprobes. The system provides hands-free analysis of up to 47 samples enhancing operational capacity by allowing unattended operation. Solid, viscous liquid and powder samples are analysed directly, eliminating the need to perform lengthy sample extractions or derivatisations.

The pyrolyser autosampler module is an add-on option to the DISC and can be installed onto both the 6150 and 6200 pyroprobes where the sample is gravity fed seamlessly into the DISC chamber.


  • Automated analysis of up to 47 samples with unlimited run capability per sample
  • Analysis of solids, viscous liquids, and powders
  • Thermal desorption, headspace, and pyrolysis capabilities
  • Install onto any gas chromatograph/GCMS by heated transfer line
  • Programmable pyrolysis to 1300ºC in 1ºC increments
  • Pyrolysis heating rates from 0.01ºC/min to 20,000ºC/sec
  • Pyrolysis in inert atmosphere or reactant gas (with 6200)

Adding the autosampler module to the CDS-6200 pyroprobe offers the advantage of an integral trap that enables pyrolysis in reactant gas including oxygen, hydrogen, and air, plus thermal desorption studies. It can also be used as a normal pyrolyser, bypassing the trap. The autosampler can be used in the following modes:

Autosampler capabilities 6150 6200
Pyrolysis direct to GC Y Y
Programmed pyrolysis Y Y
Evolved gas analysis (EGA) Y Y
Auto multi-step pyrolysis with sample off line between analyses Y Y
Interface to GC Transfer Line Transfer Line
PC and built-in screen control Y Y
GCMS polymer and additive libraries compatible with NIST AMDIS Y Y
Thermal desorption, headspace, and pyrolysis trapping Y
Reactant gas analysis in air, O2, H2, or gas of any choice Y
Mass flow controller for purge and reactant gas flow control Y

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