CDS high pressure and catalyst reactor system

Scientists studying new material, such as various biomass feed stock, coal or polymer reactions need to understand how these materials break down in a reactor at varying conditions often with a catalyst. The high-pressure pyrolyser system allows the study of both high temperature & pressure on a small scale in the lab before undergoing the time and expense of scaling up to a pilot reactor. In addition the mini reactor system utilises a catalyst bed of the users choice.

The systems use the model 5200 pyroprobe that has been modified with a back pressure regulator to the analytical trap. Samples can then be pyrolysed at elevated pressures (500psi max) and collected onto the built-in trap. After pyrolysis of the sample is complete, the analytes are transferred to the GC at normal operating conditions.The unique interfacing design permits a direct pyrolysis path to the GC inlet or rapid sample heating and transfer to the trap without interrupting the pneumatics of the GC Any reactant gas can be used including H2, O2, CH4 or CO in the pyrolysis chamber.


  • Install onto any commercially available gas chromatograph/GCMS
  • Programmable pyrolysis to 1400ºC in 1ºC increments withheating rates programmable from 0.01ºC/min to 20,000ºC/sec, and pyrolysis time programmable from 0.01sec to 999.99min
  • System pressure to 500psi, reactor temperature to 800ºC (option for 950ºC)
  • Reactant gas option for pyrolysis/catalysis in air, hydrogen, methane, oxygen, or carbon monoxide
  • User interchangeable catalyst beds
Model High pressure system Catalyst system
Pyrolysis direct to GC Y Y
Pyrolysis with trapping Y Y
High pressure pyrolysis with trapping Y Y
Reactant gas pyrolysis with trapping Y Y
High pressure reactant gas pyrolysis with trapping Y Y
Pyrolysis to catalytic reactor with trapping Y
High pressure pyrolysis and catalysis with trapping Y
Eight programmable temperature steps per sample with auto off line between analyses  Y Y
PC control  Y Y

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