Nitric oxide nasal measurements – on/off-line measurements

The ability to measure nasal nitric oxide both on-line and off-line is now possible with the Analytix nasal measurement device. The portable unit permits easy collection of samples in the community that are later analysed in the laboratory using the Zysense NOA-280i analyser. The off-line collection system conforms to ATS guidelines for nasal NO measurements.


  • Analysis of nitric oxide in nasal cavities and paranasal sinuses
  • Measuring technique conforms to ATS recommendations for online measurement of nasal nitric oxide in adults and children AmericanJournal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Vol 171 pp 912-930 (2005)
  • Constant transnasal flow of low NO air during measurement through sidestream sampling providing a steady plateau of NO concentration within seconds
  • No loss of nasal NO via the posterior velopharyngeal aperture and no cross contamination with exhaled breath from the lower airways
  • Sample stable when collected in off-line mode

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