Nitric oxide exhaled breath analysis

The Zysense NOA-280i (formerly Sievers NOA-280i) analyser uses a patented* technique and the On-Line NO Breath Kit™ to measure on-line concentrations of NO in exhaled breath without nasal contamination. The built-in exhaled pressure feedback system and optional Thermal Mass Flowmeter facilitate exhalation at constant flow rates from 10–1000 mL/s. The NOAnalysis REB PC software is used for flow meter calibration or restrictor selection, data collection and processing. For subjects who cannot perform the on-line or off-line techniques. (i.e., ventilated subjects, small children, animals), a tidal breathing software package is used that determines the beginning and end of each exhalation and the concentration of NO for each breath.For off-line measurements there are patented Bag Collection and Sampling Kits that permit collection of exhaled breath for later analysis. Two kits are available: Vital Capacity Kit for collection of exhaled breath at 350 mL/s (ATS recommendation) and the Deadspace Discard Kit that permits collection of exhaled breath under the same conditions as on-line measurements. The concentration of NO in the Mylar® bags is stable for 8 to 12 hours and the bags can be reused after a simple cleaning procedure. The NOAnalysis Bag program is used for analysis of the samples.


  • Patented restricted exhaled breath technique
  • User defined flow rates for specific research investigations
  • Biofeedback mechanism for reproducible breath flow rates
  • Breath by breath analysis with fast response time
  • Off-line breath analysis performed remotely with reusable bags
  • Off-line breath sample stable for up to 12 hours after collection
  • High sensitivity <1ppb
  • Fast response time – 200ms
  • Data collection with menu based PC or MAC software with statistical results output with export facility for further analysis
  • Low cost maintenance for analyser

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