Milestone flexiWAVE solid-phase synthesis

The flexiWAVE solid-phase setup is unique in that it offers homogenous microwave heating of solid materials whilst physically rotating the reaction vessel. Vessels with different volumes are available to fit user requirements. The rotation of the vessel mixes the solid reactants that assures temperature homogeneity even with large sample amounts. A vacuum extraction system can be incorporated for removal of gases produced or for synthesis under vacuum control. In addition, reactions can also be performed with introduced gases. An integral terminal provides full control of the reaction sequence along with stored documentation of the synthesis process


  • Two vessel sizes available, 300ml for small scale reactions and 2.5L for larger scale reactions
  • Software controlled rotationĀ of sample even with large volumes/weights providing optimal mixing
  • Synthesis under vacuum or with introduced gases
  • Constant monitoring and control of temperature through infra red sensor
  • Range of applications from dry media reactions, catalysis, and material coating

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