Milestone flexiWAVE classic glassware synthesis

The flexiWAVE classic glassware setup has been specifically developed for research and the academic laboratory environment and offers a microwave labstation for full reaction optimisation. It provides chemists with the ability to perform synthetic reactions under reflux and potentially replace hotplates, heating mantles, or oil baths whilst improving reaction times associated with microwave technology and at the same time ensuring safe operating conditions


  • Rapid results, microwave technology will permit reactions to be completed faster, often in minutes
  • Normal pressure glass reactor complete with 500ml flask and reflux condenser
  • Infrared or fibre optic temperature monitoring for accurate control and improved reproducibility
  • Built-in magnetic stirrer for improved temperature homogeneity and increased yields
  • Microwave enhanced systems use a fraction of the solvent amounts compared to traditional methods
  • Durable all-stainless steel construction with acid/organic solvent resistant coating

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