Specific application analysers

The Agilent micro gas analyser is available as an application specific pre-configured system. The systems are available with fast delivery from stock and arrive with pre-loaded analysis methods and documentation. Pre-configured analysers currently available are for biogas, natural gas (LPG and NGL), and refinery gas with other systems to be introduced during 2013.

Biogas analyser

The Agilent micro biogas analyser is available in two versions, Micro Biogas Analyser for analysis of pure biogas, and the Micro Biogas Analyser Extended for when biogas is mixed with other hydrocarbon streams such as natural gas and LPG. The analysers are factory tuned and come with final test data, analytical method parameters, user manual, and check-out sample.

Natural gas analyser

The Agilent natural gas analyser is supplied with multiple column channels with a typical analysis time of 75 seconds. Software is available for the calculation of all required physical properties such as heating value and Wobbe index that conforms to international standards including ASTM, GPA and ISO. The system has the flexibility to analyse natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas liquids (NGL) by use of specialised sample conditioners to ensure sample integrity for the measurements of the composition of LPG or NGL streams.

Refinery gas analyser

The source and composition of refinery gases varies considerably and measuring this precisely and accurately is a significant challenge in refinery operations. The Agilent refinery gas analyser is a 4 channel multi-dimensional system optimised for specific RGA analytes with total analysis cycle time of less than three minutes. The small system volume means the sample capacity is reduced in comparison to standard GC RGA systems and is more suitable for sample streams with low sample component concentration such as typical refinery gas streams and impurities in bulk ethylene.

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