Micro gas analyser portable systems

The micro gas analyser can be configured as a portable system that enables remote analysis for such applications as field perimeter monitoring, multiple drilling locations, and measurements at natural gas pipelines and metering stations. The portable case includes built-in gas cylinders and rechargeable batteries providing up to eight hours of productive field time. Instrument control, data analysis, and diagnostic testing can be completed at the instrument or remotely via the Internet.


  • Small size and weight allows easy transport to field locations
  • Configurations for 1 to 2; or 3 to 4 independent analytical channels, each with pneumatics, injector, column and detector
  • Quickly reconfigure in the field for any application
  • Operate without external power or gas sources, includes refillable gas containers and rechargeable battery packs
  • Choice of carrier gas for maximum application flexibility – use two of three carrier gas choices – helium, argon, nitrogen

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