Xelsius reaction station

Xelsius is a compact and fast reactor with ten completely individually heated and cooled reaction cells with stirring and an operating range of -20°C to +150°C. The system is suitable for parallel synthesis, flow chemistry, reaction, and process optimisation as well as for performing design of experiment studies. An integral touch screen monitor provides control and a complete overview of the status of all ten cells and controls individual heating, cooling, stirring, and temperature ramping of each cell.


  • Ten cells with independent control of all parameters for each cell including stirring
  • Wide temperature range of -20°C to +150°C with stability and accuracy of 0.1°C
  • Fast temperature ramping for individual cell heating and cooling
  • Small footprint, suitable for installation on a laboratory bench or in a fume hood
  • PTFE coated surface resistant to aggressive acids and solvents
  • Long lifetime reaction cells with overheat protection
  • Gloves sensitive touch screen

Ten individual reaction cells

Xelsius external temperature sensorTen experiments in a single unit with independent heating, ramping, cooling, and stirring with a range of -20°C to +150°C plus stability and accuracy of 0.1°C.  Xelsius applications include solubility determination, catalyst supported reactions, design of experiment studies, crystallisation experiments, and PCR reactions.

An external temperature sensor for each reaction cell enables the sample temperature to be monitored and recorded.

Intuitive LAB mode software

Xelsius LAB mode control softwareXelsius is controlled via an integral touch screen using LAB mode software. This enables easy input of all parameters for each cell for the complete process and provides a complete overview of each cell status. Each cell can start independently and operate isothermally or with temperature ramping.

Xelsius PRO mode control softwareFor more complex control procedures the PRO mode software offers additional capabilities such as multi-stage and cyclic temperature profiles.  GMP/regulatory requirements are met with login function/user administration and allows the user to save and export diagrams, temperatures and all other parameters of each cell.


Xelsius footprintXelsius has a small footprint and can be installed on a laboratory bench, a robotic platform or in a fume hood using minimal space.

The system has a PTFE-coated housing and all connectors and cables are well protected with a PFA hose. This coating enables installation in a fume hood that might also be used for aggressive solvents or acids. If the system is installed in a fume hood, the touch screen can be mounted outside of the hood for easy access.


Xelsius vialsA wide range of accessories are available to cover all application requirements including reflux condenser, inert workstation, reaction vials, cooling circuit with liquid flow sensor, filtration sticks, external temperature sensors, magnetic stir bars, and water separator reaction vials.

Reaction vials can accommodate different volumes from 1 to 30ml and are manufactured from glass and PTFE.  The unique PTFE 5 port reaction cap allows a wide range of continuous-flow and multi-stage processes as well as sub-sampling, gas bubbling, and gas addition.

Reflux condenser

Xelsius reflux condenserThe reflux condenser is an easy to integrate accessory specifically developed for the Xelsius reactor. The innovative design prevents any possible condensation of humidity from laboratory air. The evaporation losses of low-boiling solvents are also significantly reduced. The condenser has stainless steel inserts that guarantee an optimal heat transfer from the glass vials. A comparison table shows that the reflux condenser dramatically reduces solvent loss in open septum-sealed vials (needle in septum) especially with low boiling solvents.

Solvent Boiling point (°C) Set temperature (°C)  With condenser (ml) Without condenser (ml)
Acetonitrile 82 92 10 5.8
Water 100 110 10 9
Acetone 56 66 7.5 0
Ethyl acetate 77.1 87.1 9.1 1.8
Methanol 64.7 74.7 9.9 8

Inert workstation

To assure repeatability for both screening scale and inertisation processes, the workstation can be easily coupled with the XELSIUS reflux condenser. This provides a high degree of flexibility whilst maintaining excellent reproducibility, offering a significant improvement in data quality and laboratory efficiency.

Dosing station

Xelsius liquid handling accessoryThe dosing station liquid handling accessory combines the advantages of an automatic pipette with a dilutor & dispenser.

The accessory has fast pipetting and dosing of solvents using a 2.5ml syringe and precise aliquoting of samples using a 1000ul syringe with optional 50µl, 100µl or 250µl syringes. Flexibility is provided with simultaneous aspiration of solvent volume and sample aliquot.