Empore solid phase extraction disks

Empore™ Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Disks provide an efficient alternative to liquid/liquid extraction for sample preparation. A proprietary process is used to entrap adsorbent particles into a matrix of inert PTFE to create a mechanically stable sorbent disk. The disks can be used for purification and concentration of analytes from liquid samples and large volume liquid samples. A large surface area for sorbent/sample contact enables fast flow rates with high throughput.


  • Effectively and selectively extracts targetted analytes from complex sample matrices
  • Fast flow rates and high throughput
  • Range of sorbents providing selectivity and retention
  • Mechanically stable sorbent disk in PTFE matrix
  • Small elution volumes with channeling effects eliminated
  • Reduced time or possible elimination of eluate evaporation
  • Excellent reproducibility with low CVs

Disk technology

Empore carbon extraction diskEmpore disks are produced by trapping sorbent particles within an inert matrix of PTFE. The resulting particle-loaded membrane yields a denser, more uniform extraction bed than can be achieved with traditional loosely packed SPE particles. The result is improved mass transfer kinetics with consistent performance in solid phase extraction methods. The dense particle packing and uniform distribution within the disks offer outstanding sample preparation efficiency and reproducibility of results. Since the diffusion distance between particles is minimised, adsorption is more efficient, and extraction can be accomplished using low sorbent mass.

The disks are available as 47mm and 90mm with a range of sorbents including C8, C18, SDB-XC, SDB-RPS, cation, anion, carbon, and chelating. They are also available for specific applications such as oil and grease extraction, strontium, radium, and technetium extraction.


Determination of Chlorinated Dioxins and Furans in Four Types of Wastewater by EPA Method 1613 Rev. B  Download

Using EmporeTM C18 SPE disk to extract SVOCs in drinking water followed by GC-MS analysis for EPA Method 525.2  Download

Determination of organophosphorus pesticides in ground water using EPA Method 8141B by EmporeTM SDB-RPS SPE disk and GC/MS analysis Download

Analysis of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons using US EPA quick turnaround method (QTM) by CDS empore disk  Download