Empore StageTips

For almost 30 years, the Emporeā„¢ membrane has been the SPE product of choice to pack into micropipette tips for rapid, small-volume desalting and fractionation of peptides and proteins. Empore Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) micropipette StageTips are now available pre-packed with the Empore membrane and offer researchers a much-needed alternative to arduous and monotonous manual packing procedures.


  • Applicable for protein and peptide desalting/fractionation applications
  • Chemically resistant to organic solvents plus acidic and basic conditions
  • Standardised packing to avoid variability from manual preparation
  • Mix and match 2 or more phases for up to 9 layers

Enhanced capacity

Empore StageTipEmpore StageTips are available with standard packing of two layers for increased protein and peptide capacity for desalting and fractionation applications with an option to mix and match additional phases up to 9 layers.

StageTips are available in a standard 200uL volume with 96 tips per pack or 960 tips per case (10 packs per case).

Protein sequence coverage

Empore StageTip sequence coverageSalts and other materials used in protein or peptide preparation that are incompatible with MS systems are removed. Protein and peptide sequence coverage are improved with fractionation, even at high pH.

The tips utilise low binding, chemically resistant polypropylene micropipette suitable for use with all organic solvents and acidic and basic conditions needed for protein and peptide desalting and fractionation.


Empore StageTip reproducibilityThe fractionation of protein samples in the sub-microgram range can be limited due to sample loss during the fractionation process. In addition, any variability in manual preparation introduces variability in results.

The standardised packing methods of StageTips eliminates this problem ensuring high tip-to-tip reproducibility and results.


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